One Piece Swaps Zoro and Luffy's Voices in This Hilarious Promo

One Piece fans know its heroes voices by heart, and the Japanese dub has millions of fans who tune in weekly to see what's going on. That is plenty true these days as the anime is deep into its Wano Country arc. In fact, fans have kept up with the series carefully since the arc debuted last year, but part of the story just got cursed. After all, Zoro and Luffy decided to do a swap that audiences admit they never expected to see.

The clip in question surfaced on Reddit after a special clip was shown to netizens. The reel prompted the Japanese voice actors behind Luffy and Zoro to swap roles for a spell. This means Luffy's voice came from Zoro and vice versa for the Straw Hat captain.

Zoro and Luffy switch voices from r/OnePiece

And well, the results are so very cursed. You can watch the reel above but be warned! It is one of the most disconcerting things I've seen as a One Piece fan in quite some time, and I about bust my gut laughing.

The clip that was re-dubbed is a classic from Wano as it shows Luffy's big reunion with Zoro. The pair were separated for a long time when Luffy went to rescue Sanji from Big Mom during the Whole Cake Island arc. In the real world, fans waited for over a hundred chapters for the two to reunite, so their anime debut was very much awaited.


The moment went over well with One Piece fans when it debuted, and this anime redo only makes it better. It is so strange to hear Zoro's voice come out of Luffy, and the same goes double the other way around. Even the voice actors appear to be getting a kick out of the swap, so here's to us hoping more of these promos get released in the future!

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