One Piece Promo Goes All-Out with Oden's Big Fight with Kaido

One Piece's Wano Arc has taken the opportunity to dive into the past of one of its most famous denizens in Kozuki Oden, and it seems as if the next episode will feature the wandering samurai battling directly against the insane threat who happens to be the Captain of the Beast Pirates in Kaido. While those who have been following along with the adventures within Wano Country know that Oden's fate is anything but a happy one, this flashback sequence has shown viewers secrets to the world of the Grand Line in following Kozuki's journey to free his nation.

Oden's early life was certainly a surprising one to fans, not simply because of his ties to the nation of Wano, but thanks in part to his travels alongside Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger. Not only did Kozuki Oden become a big-time pirate, but he was also by Roger's side when he discovered the treasure that kicked off the series in the titular One Piece. With Oden returning to his homeland and being renewed in his battle against the pint-sized tyrant known as Orochi following Roger's execution, it's no surprise that he is matching his swords against Kaido's terrifying dragon form.

Twitter User Jara Jo Art shared the preview for the upcoming One Piece episode that sees Oden and his Vassals attempting to take back their country which has been under the rule of Kaido, Orochi, and the Beast Pirates for far too long:

While the anime continues to follow Oden in this flashback arc, the manga has dived into the "War for Wano" which sees the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies attempting to fulfill Kozuki's dream of opening up the borders of the isolated nation. Needless to say, this upcoming arc will surely be one of the biggest that Luffy and his crew have ever experienced and will be sure to have lasting ramifications on both Wano Country and the world of the Grand Line moving into the future.


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