One Piece Cosplay Pays Homage to Law's Wano Arc

One Piece's War For Wano Arc might be over in the anime, but cosplayers have a long memory.

Luffy has finally defeated Kaido in the War For Wano, leveraging the full power of Gear Fifth to give the Straw Hat Captain his biggest victory in One Piece to date. While the fight for Wano's future might be done, the Straw Hat Pirates will still be spending a bit more time in the isolated nation as they say their goodbyes and sail to their final journey. As the latest arc draws to a close, one cosplayer has taken the opportunity to return to one of Law's best moments from the storyline.

While the Straw Hat Pirates worked to free the isolated nation from the Beast Pirates' clutches, Luffy and company were joined by allies old and new in their battle against Kaido. Law and the Heart Pirates were some of the Straw Hats' most trusted allies this time around, with Luffy specifically saved from a watery demise thanks to Trafalgar's crew. Facing a number of defeats at Kaido's hands, Monkey was able to discover the power of Gear Fifth inside of himself, transforming himself into a living cartoon. As the final saga plays out in the manga, with the anime soon to follow, expect Law and the Heart Pirates to have some presence in the storyline.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

A Law By Any Other Name

Law himself didn't physically take on Kaido solo, but he worked alongside the pirate known as Kid to help in taking down Big Mom, one of the Beast PIrates' strongest allies in Wano. Law is a member of the "Worst Generation", the title for the next generation of swashbucklers that include Luffy and are aiming to change the world by sailing the Grand Line. While Law might not be front and center in the final saga so far, it's a surefire beat that the Heart Pirates will have a role to play.


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While One Piece's live-action is confirmed for a second season, it's doubtful that Law will make an appearance if the television series sticks to its source material. Should the Netflix production continue to follow the events of the anime and manga, it might be several seasons before Law would hit the scene in the world of live-action. Luckily, cosplayers are more than happy to bring the Heart Pirate to life.

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