One Piece's Zoro Gets Slick Fem Makeover in Cool Cosplay

Zoro is easily one of the strongest swashbucklers that make up the Straw Hat Pirates, while also being one of the earliest members of Luffy's crew to help him in his quest to becoming the king of the pirates. With the War For Wano Arc placing the green-haired swordsman into a scenario that has given him a major power boost, one fan has decided to give the pirate with the goal of being one of the world's greatest warriors a big makeover. 

Zoro has gone through some major changes over the course of his stay in Wano, finding new swords and learning new abilities as he reunited with his fellow Straw Hats and prepared to take on the armies of the Beast Pirates. While Roronoa might not be the one to deliver the final blow to Kaido, as many fans suspected, it's clear that his skill and strength has been a key part in helping out the Straw Hat Pirates as they both try to defeat their enemies while also still trying to make Monkey D. Luffy the king of the pirates.

Instagram Cosplayer Minako Cosplay shared this new take on Zoro, with the story of this green-haired swordsman set to come to an end within the next five years according to the prolific mangaka responsible for the Straw Hat Pirates, Eiichiro Oda, who recently hinted that he is looking forward to a major moment in the War For Wano's conclusion:

2022 won't just see the continuation of the War For Wano Arc, but will also take the opportunity to release a new film in One Piece's library titled, "One Piece: Red". While much of the movie is still shrouded in mystery, Oda has stated that the enigmatic swashbuckler known as Shanks will have a major role to play, having been introduced as the mentor to Luffy in his early days. Though Zoro's role in this film is yet to be revealed, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if the swordsman has a big function within it.


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