One Piece Creator Teases Shanks Making His Move in 2021

One Piece's creator is teasing that Shanks will finally be making his move in 2021! One Piece will [...]

One Piece's creator is teasing that Shanks will finally be making his move in 2021! One Piece will soon be crossing the monumental 1000th chapter mark, and it's also reaching the climax of the Wano Country arc as the battle at Onigashima is starting to take its final shape. With all of this happening at 2020's end, fans have begun to wonder just what kind of stories are coming next with the series heading into the thousands in 2021. According to a new tease from series creator Eiichiro Oda, these new stories are going to involve Shanks in some way.

In a special message from Oda shared during One Piece's presentation during Jump Festa 2021 Online, Oda hyped some of the things coming next year for the series and teased that Shanks will be taking action as well as the story continues toward its "final stage" in the new year.

As Oda's statement reads, he began to tease the next year of the series, "Chapter 1000 will be published in the first issue of this new year! Nice timing! Along will the celebration of Chapter 1000, there are a lot of projects in progress, so this first month of 2021 will be very exciting! Volume 100 will also be releasing in 2021, so it'll be an incredible year."

But the real exciting part came towards the end with a major tease of Shanks' future, "Do you all want some exciting information regarding the story? That redhead guy may move...! The story is moving towards its final stage, so please enjoy next year as well!'. With Shanks making his last notable move during the Reverie, who knows what he's got planned next?

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