One Piece Theory Predicts the Big Reveal Coming in Chapter 1000

One Piece has been moving at a brisk pace this year, and its manga has put forth some incredible [...]

One Piece has been moving at a brisk pace this year, and its manga has put forth some incredible chapters ahead of its of big milestone next month. It will not be long before creator Eiichiro Oda finishes work on the manga's 1,000th chapter. Clearly, this release will be a big deal, and fans are trying to figure out what secrets the update will reveal. And if one theory is right, it seems One Piece fans could solve the Will of D at the start of 2021.

For those needing a bit of catch up, this theory comes straight from the pages of chapter 999. If you have checked out the most recent chapter of One Piece, you will know the affair ends with a curious nod from Yamato. The fighter tells Momo that fate has brought Luffy to Wano in the wake of Ace's visit, and that is because his middle initial is D.

This tantalizing teaser has pushed fans towards speculation about the Will of D once more, and they believe the mystery could be solved in One Piece chapter 1,000. Oda did promise fans he would explore the importance and meaning behind the Will of D this year, after all. Chapter 1,000 would have debuted this year if not for the pandemic, so fans believe the Will of D is about to come into focus at last. And according to fan-pages like newworldartur, the Will of D could stand for Will of Dawn.

As for the Will of Dawn, this theory has been around for quite some time. The name was first spawned from the name of One Piece's pilot, Romance Dawn. The theory only grew stronger as fans realized the pirates with the Will of D were all trying to bring revolutionary change to their world. From Gol to Dragon and Ace, each of these characters dream of bringing a new dawn to the world you might say. The legend of this myth continues to endure in One Piece even after decades of questions, so fans are crossing their fingers for an answer in chapter 1,000 next month.

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