One Piece Theory Suggests Gear Fifth Is On Its Way

One Piece has been around for decades by now, and fans are all too ready to see how its current arc will end. Kaido and Big Mom proved to be insane foes for the Wano saga, but the country's rebellion is not giving in. In fact, the manga's latest chapters have had fans speculating over whether Luffy was ready to get a new gear form. And now, a new theory is here pushing that idea even further if it is to be believed.

The whole thing spawned when One Piece revisited Luffy as the captain carried on his feud with Kaido. The two are clashing as fiercely as ever, and it wasn't long ago when Luffy piqued interest in Gear Five. After all, he told Kaido he'd reached his final Gear Four, and this new theory only doubles down on the fandom's suspicions.

As you can see above, the theory began circulating Twitter in Japan before it came to the United States. Fans put everything together after a recent panel showed Luffy in Gear Four calling out Kaido for depriving the people of Wano their needs. If you look closely at his cheek in the panel, fans will see some line shading, but Japanese fans believe there is a message hidden in those lines.

Part of the shading seems to include the phrase 'Gear Five' in hiragana. The text is written vertically and flipped upside down in the actual manga. But if you try to isolate the text, you can find it so long as you know what to look for.

Clearly, this theory has grown wings as One Piece fans are curious about Luffy's limits. He has used Gear Five for a while now, so it would make sense for Luffy to cap his current gear form. This theory suggests Oda hid the phrase intentionally to set up fans for Gear Five's long-rumored debut. And if it comes to pass, well – Oda is just as big as a madmas as fans think. 


What do you think of this growing fan theory? Do you believe One Piece is ready to give Luffy a new form? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.