One Piece Reveals Sanji's Surprising Plea for SPOILER

One Piece know what kind of man Sanji is, and they have made his character very clear to fans over the years. Despite being a flirty lady's man, Sanji has a heart of gold that values friendship above all else. As you can imagine, his lady loving makes Sanji a rather chivalrous figure, so you don't see him often rely on his female crew mates unless something is afoot. And now, One Piece has made is clear that Sanji isn't that guy anymore.

The whole thing went down in chapter 1005 of One Piece this week. The update checked in on Sanji as he languished in Black Maria's grasp. She promised to torture Sanji for ages unless he called for Nico Robin to save him. The Tobi Roppo planned to use the ploy to capture Robin for Kaido, and fans were stunned when Sanji did what the vixen asked.

one piece sanji
(Photo: Toei Animation)

"Help me!! Robin!!! I'm on the third floor in the Great Banquet Hall! I've been taken prisoner! I'm sorry! If you don't come here right away, they're going to kill me. Save me," Sanji cried out.

His plea was heard around Wano, and Robin did come to his aid as planned. However, Sanji only called for her friend because he knew she could handle herself against Black Maria. Sanji even warned Kaido's croonie as much, but she did not listen. Now, she has to contend with Robin and Brook as the pair freed Sanji from his prison. In fact, Robin even went so far as to thank Sanji for calling upon her as it showed his faith in her skills. And soon, Black Maria will learn why she shouldn't have underestimated Robin from the word go.


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