One Piece Just Introduced Momo's Wild New Ally

Momonosuke has come a long way since being the cowardly son of Kozuki Oden who many believed would never dive into the battlefield, and it seems that the young warrior with the ability of a dragon has helped tilt the scales in favor of the Straw Hats in One Piece. With Momo currently holding up the Beast Pirate Headquarters in order to save his homeland, the War For Wano is still far from over as the battle rages between Kaido and Luffy, which might determine not just the fate of the isolated nation, but the Grand Line.  

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest installment of One Piece's War For Wano Arc, Chapter 1041, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory.

With Momonosuke currently in his dragon form, the young boy has literally had the weight of the world placed on his shoulders, working to keep Onigashima afloat as Kaido's flames that were previously holding it up have begun to dwindle as a result of the Beast Pirate Captain's battle against Luffy. Amazingly, a new player enters the game in the form of Zunesha, the giant, creepy-looking elephant that is so massive that he holds the island of Zou on his back. With the eyes in his head tough to make out, the giant elephant is certainly a sight to behold but maybe just the ally that the Straw Hats needed. 

For those who might not be as familiar with Zunesha, he appeared during the "Four Emperors Saga", lending a hand to the Straw Hats when it came to battling against Jack the Drought, another major antagonist in the history of One Piece. Though Zunesha has returned to lend his allies a hand, Momonosuke is doubting his own power, leading to the son of Kozuki Oden to question himself to Yamato:

"What did he and Roger's crew see on that final island that made them laugh? I don't understand what the goal is! Father was not a prophet! If he were still alive now, would he really still say 'open Wano's borders'? I am not smart enough to understand! I fit would mean exposing the people of Wano to danger, I do not wish to open the borders! Am I simply a coward Yamato?"


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