One Piece Finally Settles Luffy vs Kaido with a Victor

One Piece has been going on for decades at this point, and over those years, the manga has handled some wild fights. These clashes can go on for ages, but the Wano saga has taken that reputation to the next level. After all, Luffy and Kaido have been fighting for ages, and it seems their fight has come to an actual conclusion after more than a year.

The whole thing played out in the most recent chapter of One Piece if you're caught up. The update followed Luffy as he continued his fight with Kaido while Onigashima began to fall from the sky. Round after round, the pirate captains would not let up on one another, but Luffy was not about to lose in this final moment. That is why Gear Fifth gave him the strength for a massive blow in the end that seems to have taken out Kaido.

If you have checked on the new chapter, Kaido's final moment is looking pretty solid at this point. One Piece fans are confident chapter 1050 will confirm Luffy as the victor once the boy touches down from the sky.

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As for Kaido, he even notes something poignant about his loss at Luffy's hand, and that is because he foretold it to King long ago. He told his lackey the only person capable of defeating him would be Joy Boy himself, and while Luffy isn't a direct reincarnation of that fabled figure, he has the same spirit as the man. It's only fitting for Luffy to defeat Kaido before the Grand Line after tapping into the Joy Boy's spirit. And now, the Wano Resistance can make its moves to secure the country's freedom for good. 

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