One Piece Shows Off Kaido's Forces with a Killer Queen Performance

One Piece's anime and manga may be facing delays in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, but that isn't stopping fans from being hyped for the continued adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates as they experience the latest chapter and see just how hard the Beast Pirates can get down! With the country of Wano giving the rebels an insane battle, this recent installment shows us that Kaido and his forces are able to work hard and play hard as the next step of the war for Wano continues!

Warning! If you haven't read the latest chapter of One Piece, you may want to avoid the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some deep spoiler territory for the Wano Country Arc!

With Luffy and his crew, members of the Worst Generation, and the vassals of Oden attempting to take down Kaido and his Beast Pirates, they have decided to take an approach that is far from the usual "head first" approach that the Straw Hats have been known for during their tenure. Instead, the rebels of Wano sneak into Kaido's secret headquarters known as Onigashima. With the hideaway housing Kaido, his pirates, as well as the evil shogun Orochi and the armies of Wano, it's clear that keeping on the down low is definitely a priority for the One Piece gang.

In order to get within the ranks of the Beast Pirates, Kinnemon grants his fellow pirates new outfits to blend right in with the scalliwags by using the power of his Devil Fruit. As the rebels infiltrate the headquarters, they come across a huge party that is blasting out the jams. The Beast Pirate, Queen, is rocking the turn tables and we get a nice break down of some of the different factions of Kaido's crew which seems to be far larger than we imagined.


First, we are introduced to the "Waiters", a group of pirates that are waiting to eat Devil Fruit of their own to be given powers as they sail the Grand Line. Next, we see the "Pleasures" who are those pirates who ate Devil Fruit themselves but failed to receive powers, instead being given permanent smiles. Finally, we see the "Gifters" who were successful in gaining power from the Devil Fruit they ate!

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