One Piece Cliffhanger Kickstarts Kaido's Lofty New Plan

When it comes to One Piece, fans have come to expect the unexpected from Kaido. The villain is one of the nastiest in the entire series, and he has quite the reputation. Known as a literal monster, Kaido left plenty shocked in the manga after he revealed his true plan for Orochi, and it seems his next plan has surfaced at last.

If you are caught up with chapter 997 of One Piece, then you know what is up. The series pushed forward with a big revelation in its final moments. After Sanji gets lured into a trap, fans are left shaken as the whole battlefield around the rebels begins to shake. It is the series cuts to Kaido, and the villain tells everyone his big plans. Or rather, his estranged son does.

One Piece Kaido Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

"Dragons fly through the air by creating something called Flame Clouds! Meaning Kaido's sent Onigashima itself aloft," Yamato tells Momonosuke after he tries to escape with him on boat. Kaido's kid is unable to do so since the island is now flying over the sea, and Kaido is plenty happy about the change of pace.

"He's going to move the entire island to the Flower Capital," Yamato carries on.

In the chapter's final moments, Kaido can be seen above a desolate field where he was fighting the samurai. Their fates are unknown, but Kaido is well and eager to bring his stronghold to the city.

"Wano - or more accurately, New Onigashima - will become a pirate stronghold," the Yonko laughs. "Let us begin the world of violence!!"


Clearly, Kaido has some gnarly plans in mind for Wano, and it falls to the rebels to stop him. Even if the samurai are out for the count temporarily, the Straw Hats will keep Kaido occupied until the vassals can stand once more. And when that time comes, well - the Yonko better be scared.

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