One Piece Sketch Imagines Luffy's Pirate King Design

One Piece is currently showing us one of its biggest arcs to date in the Wano Country Arc, bringing both the Straw Hat Pirates, their allies, and their enemies in a disastrous collision course within the isolated nation known as Wano, with one fan imagining what Luffy might look like should he achieve his quest to become the king of the pirates! The creator of the popular Shonen series, Eiichiro Oda, has gone on record stating that his long running anime will be coming to a close within five years, so we may very well see Luffy become the Pirate King in our lifetimes!

Since Monkey D. Luffy hit the scene, he has been adamantly focused on becoming the biggest pirate in the world and taking the "unofficial crown" in being labeled as the "King of the Pirates". With a cavalcade of colorful pirates joining his side under the banner name of the "Straw Hat Pirates", including the likes of Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Chopper, and more, Luffy has been well on his way to becoming the Pirate King throughout the course of One Piece. Having trained his body, which has been altered to that of a rubber like status thanks to ingesting a Devil Fruit at a young age, Monkey remains one of the strongest pirates currently sailing the Grand Line!

Reddit Artist RenzTheQ shared this impressive piece of fan art that imagines a much older Monkey D. Luffy looking closer to his mentor and friend Shanks, having taken on the role of the King of the Pirates in this imaginative creation that may very well come true within the next five years:

Luffy as Pirate king from r/OnePiece

Currently, in the Wano Arc, Luffy has underwent some intense training in a bid to be strong enough to take down Kaido, the captain of the Beast Pirates and new Shogun of Wano Country. Though Luffy has not started his rematch with the Beast Pirate Captain who has the ability to transform himself into a giant dragon, it will be interesting to see how Monkey stacks up against Kaido now that he has some serious training under his belt!


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