One Piece Readies for Next English Dub Release

One Piece has brought the War for Wano Arc to an end, with the anime adaptation playing catch up to finish the battle between Luffy and Kaido to decide the fate of this isolated nation. While the English Dub is working its way through the Whole Cake Island Arc, it still has a long way to go in terms of hitting the current events, though fans following the English version will be happy to hear that new episodes are slated to arrive later this month. 

One Piece used its Official Twitter Account to share the news that this month, the anime adaptation from Toei would be releasing episodes 819 to 830 from the English Dub Actors, documenting more of the Whole Cake Island Arc that saw Luffy and his crew taking on Big Mom and her clan:

The voice of Luffy in the English Dub, Colleen Clinkenbeard, spoke with us at earlier this year, diving into the appeal of Shonen stories when it comes to fans all over the world:

"I think in more recent years the studios creating anime have done a better job incorporating female voices in the shonen anime and allowing shojo series to appeal to all viewers. That should be the direction we're aiming for, I think. Not "Male anime" and "Female anime," but anime with different flavors for every palette. The one thing I'd like to see change even more is the treatment of female characters in anime of all genres. Female characters are too often driven by their desire to appeal to men or support men, and too infrequently by their own motives and storylines. They also tend to end up in the background, waiting to be rescued or fixed in some way. I'd like to see more strength in the female characters we see in anime so both girls and boys watching anime as they grow up can find things to admire in those characters, rather than looking to the male leads for inspiration. Obviously, there are exceptions to that rule!"


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