One Piece Releases New Wano Key Art for 23rd Birthday

The Wano Country Arc has easily been one of the most action packed story lines involving the Straw Hat Pirates for quite some time, pitting Luffy and crew against the Beast Pirates as they attempt to fulfill the dreams of Kozuki Oden and with the series hitting its twenty fourth anniversary, there is no better time to release some stunning key art for the franchise. Giving us a new take on the samurai style aesthetic of the Straw Hat Pirates, this key art does a fantastic job of showing us how far Monkey and his crew members have come.

In the current story line of One Piece, the Straw Hats have found themselves in quite the predicament, attempting to go undercover among the Beast Pirates to end the war for Wano that is currently being waged. Following the two year time skip that gave us much stronger versions of the Eiichiro Oda creations that we've come to know and love, the race began to free the besieged citizens fo Wano from both the mad pirate Kaido and the Shogun Orochi. Without going into deep spoiler territory, the power struggle in Wano has changed BIG TIME in the latest chapter of the manga, proving that the Straw Hat Pirates are going to have a much more complicated situation on their hands moving forward.

The Key Art for One Piece's Twenty Third Anniversary shows off the latest designs of the Straw Hat Pirates when they entered into Wano Country, blending into the environment by letting go of their usual swashbuckling outfits and instead putting on robes and swords that give them far more samurai-ish looks:

One Piece Wano Key Art 23rd Birthday
(Photo: Toei Animation )

Though we aren't sure just when the Wano Arc will come to an end, we certainly are enjoying the ride of the latest arc in both the anime and the manga as Luffy and his crew are joining forces with the Vassals of Oden as well as members of the Worst Generation. Eiichiro Oda has gone on record that the One Piece's ending is in sight and with the franchise being one of the biggest in the world of anime, seeing Luffy and company sail into the sunset will certainly be one of the biggest events in the medium of anime!

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