One Piece Explains Vegapunk's Real Goal for the Future

One Piece is gearing up for the first major conflict of the Dr. Vegapunk focused arc, and the newest chapter of the series explained what the mysterious scientist is actually aiming for with all of his experiments! We have heard about Dr. Vegapunk's influence over the course of the series thus far, but it wasn't until the final saga that we actually got to meet the scientist himself. Just as one would expect from the wild weapons we have seen, Dr. Vegapunk is a lot different of a character than fans might have expected. That includes the reason why he researches things in the first place.

As the latest string of chapters have been teaching fans more about Dr. Vegapunk's library and what he's learned about the true secrets of the world, the newest chapter of the series has revealed why he's been doing all of this. His research has been fueled by his curiosity, of course, but the newest chapter of the series has confirmed that Vegapunk really has something far more noble than the weapons in mind. He wants to find a way to help the world by harnessing its energy in a free and easy way. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

What Does Dr. Vegapunk Really Want? 

Chapter 1068 of One Piece picks up right after Dr. Vegapunk asked Luffy to help him get off the island, and he explains that while he's been able to get as much research money from the government as he wants, there's still much he isn't able to do. This is all in service for his grander goal, to make an ideal world where energy is abundant, free, and available to everyone around the world. He wants to eliminate one of the reasons for war by making energy no longer a primary concern. 

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To do so, he actually wants to hunt down the ancient energy that had been powering the devices from the Void Century. So he needs to leave the island and do far more research to one day accomplish his goal. While Luffy is not really interested in what he's saying or why he's doing his research, he does agree to take Vegapunk because he likes the shape of the scientist's head. 

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