One Piece Promo Teases an Epic Start to the War Against Kaido

One Piece is teasing an epic start to the war against Kaido and his forces with the promo for the next big episode of the anime! After spending the last few months exploring Oden Kozuki's past in a huge flashback arc, the newest episode of the series officially brought the anime back to the present day. Unfortunately for the Akazaya Nine and their allies, the present day was not looking so good as Orochi had bombed all of the bridges and ports surrounding Wano after being fed information about the rebels' plans.

Not only did this lead to a reveal of a traitor truly hiding amongst the Akazaya Nine just as Orochi had teased in a prior episode, but revealed how stacked the deck was against the Akazaya Nine. Luckily for them, the end of the episode revealed that Luffy, Law, and Kid's crews had survived the bombings and were preparing for a pretty big counterattack. With the promo for Episode 978 of the anime, it seems we'll be getting just that as the war with Kaido will finally begin. Check it out below as spotted and shared by @SoulstormOP on Twitter:

Episode 977 was a particularly low point for Kin'emon and the rest of the Akazaya Nine as not only did they believe they were the only ones left to face off against Kaido, but that Kanjuro had actually been betraying them for several decades. He had been working for Orochi since before meeting Oden and becoming one of his retainers, and had been waiting for the cue to strike (and was willing to even die with his lie intact should that have been Orochi's will).

As Kin'emon and the other set out to sea on a rickety boat, they were soon accosted by the Beasts Pirates. Facing down the cannons, Luffy, Kid, and Law's crews all show up just in time to save them. Just as the promo teases, the three of them will finally be forming the tag team that series creator Eiichiro Oda had teased way before the New World saga truly began. But what do you think of this promo? Ready for the war against Kaido to finally kick off in the anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!