One Piece Shares Update on Yamato's Major Wano Mission

One Piece gave fans a major update on how Yamato's mission to save Onigashima is going with the newest chapter of the series. After entrusting Luffy with taking down his father, Yamato's attention turned toward stopping the falling Onigashima from crashing back into Wano and destroying the Flower Capital. While Momonosuke has been struggling to keep it afloat with his dragon abilities, Yamato has to run interference on another imminent danger and Kanjuro's final breath unleashed a fiery new monster that's intending to blow up the entire island when it collides with the weapons and explosives storage.

As fans have seen throughout the fights on Onigashima thus far, there have been many things to keep track of as the war heats up. Now it's become quite literal as the entire island has been drenched in flames thanks to Kanjuro's final attack after his defeat. His flaming painting is making its way towards the weapons storage, and the newest chapter of the series sees Yamato trying his best in order to make sure that it doesn't make contact with any of the highly volatile properties around. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1038 of the series sees Yamato making his way to the armory in the basement of the Skull Dome, and just makes it in time before the flaming beast makes contact with the bombs. Yamato is able to temporarily stall it by using his beastly abilities to freeze over the bombs in the area, but is really unable to deal any kind of real damage to the being. In fact, it seems to be evolving and somehow getting stronger as it cries out for Orochi while growing an arm and flaring up its fiery form. 

Unfortunately this is the only look we get at Yamato trying to keep the armory from exploding, but it's going to be key in the chapters to come. The fights across the island are coming to an end, and that kind of explosive finally is going to be to the wire as Onigashima quickly approaches the ground of Wano below. Now it's even more pertinent for Luffy and the others to take down the two Emperors as fast as possible before the worst really happens. 

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