Oshi no Ko Hypes Live-Action Launch With First Trailer, Poster

Oshi no Ko has shared the first trailer and a new poster for its live-action movie and TV series!

Oshi no Ko has a new live-action movie and TV series hitting later this year, and fans have gotten to see the first real look at what to expect from the adaptation with its first teaser trailer and new poster! Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari's Oshi no Ko manga was already a massive hit with fans, but it went to a whole new level thanks to the debut of its official anime adaptation last year. It was such a runaway success that soon after the first season ended, the franchise announced some big plans for the next year and beyond

Oshi no Ko not only has a Season 2 of the anime premiering this Summer, but also has plans for a new live-action film hitting theaters in Japan as well as a new TV series coming to Prime Video. First announced to be in the works earlier this year, Oshi no Ko's new live-action film has now announced it will be hitting theaters in Japan beginning on December 20th while it's new TV series will be debuting with Prime Video beginning on November 28th. You can check out the first teaser trailer for the Oshi no Ko live-action TV series and movie in the video above, and new poster below. 

What to Know for Oshi no Ko Live-Action

Oshi no Ko's live-action TV series was previously announced to stream with Prime Video globally, and is now revealed to be hitting on November 28th. The live-action movie will be hitting theaters in Japan on December 20th, but it's still unclear as to how the two will tie into one another. The cast for Oshi no Ko's live-action adaptation includes the likes of Nagisa Saito as Ruby, Asuka Saito as Ai Hoshino, Kaito Sakurai as Aqua, Nanoka Hara as Kana Arima, Mizuki Kayashima as Akane Kurokawa, and ano as Memcho. 

Oshi no Ko's anime will be returning for Season 2 beginning on July 3rd in Japan, and HIDIVE has confirmed they will be streaming the new episodes alongside their premiere. As for what to expect from the new season, HIDIVE teases what's going down in Oshi no Ko Season 2 as such, "Aqua's desire for revenge takes center stage as he navigates the dark underbelly of the entertainment world alongside his twin sister, Ruby. While Ruby follows in their slain mother's footsteps to become an idol, Aqua joins a famous theater troupe in hopes of uncovering clues to the identity of his father — the man who arranged their mother's untimely death, and the man who once starred in the same troupe Aqua hopes to infiltrate."