Pokemon Shows Ash's Serious Side in Latest Episode

Pokemon may not seem like an overtly dark series to you, but that is not the case if you look at the series a little harder. From the games to the anime, the franchise has delved into some dark topics. Now, it seems like the anime is diving into another touchy subject after a friend of Ash's abandoned his partner, and it made the Kanto hero show a different side of himself.

The whole ordeal began when the latest episode of Pokemon: The Series went live. The 2020 series has followed Ash and Pikachu on their new journey to fight in the Pokemon World Championships. The boy is traveling with a friend named Go to rack up enough points to battle, but things got testy between the two when Go left his starter Pokemon all alone.

"I left it behind," Go tells Ash about his partner Raboot. The pair had been quarreling on and off for awhile as Raboot wanted to battle and be trained properly. Go was not up to the challenge, and his lack of social interaction prevented the trainer from making amends. That is, until Ash stepped up to his friend.

"Is that really what you've decided? I won't stop you if you're serious but did you tell Raboot," Ash asks his companion while looking none too happy.


Really, the Kanto hero's expression is unlike any fans have seen before. It is the perfect mixture of anger and disappointment as you can see below. Even Pikachu looks upset with Go over the choice, and Ash's question makes the other boy rethink his choice to ditch Raboot. After all, Go has to make friends one way or another, and there is no telling how far Go would set himself back if he were to willingly leave his starter behind.

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