Pokemon Clip Goes Viral Thanks to Its Hilariously Cute Dub

For thousands of kids, it was there dream to become a Pokemon Trainer, and they have come to dream of becoming a voice actor for the anime by now. The long-running TV series helped boost the series' popularity around the globe, and Ash Ketchum has carried the show with grace. But thanks to one viral clip of the Pokemon dub, fans are realizing they would much rather voice a Pokemon like Oshawott than a trainer.

The whole thing went down when a certain clip from Pokemon made its way to Reddit. The video is taken from an earlier season of Pokemon's anime as it follows an Oshawott on the move. The starter Pokemon is humming to itself before it is shown jumping up some stairs, but the reel has gone viral for its adorable voice acting.

As you can watch below, Oshawott makes the most hilarious noises when it is walking down the hallway to the stairs. The calls only get better as the lil' monster makes his way up each step. Fans admit they love the calls which Oshawott makes but they cannot believe the Pokemon's voice actor had to do such a take. But in the world of anime, this kind of recording is mild at worst.


For those curious, the dub of Oshawott in this clip is don by Lisa Ortiz. The English dub actor has a long history with anime, so this script request was nothing out of the ordinary. Whether you're recording anime or not, voice actors have to be ready to record reaction dialogue. For shows like Pokemon, that sort of dialogue takes up much of the job, so Ortiz knew what she was getting into when she agreed to play Oshawott. And after seeing this viral video, we're sure no one could have done the monster justice like Ortiz did.

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