Pokemon Journeys Gets Real Emotional with This Pikachu Lullaby

Pokemon Journeys knows how to tug on all the right heartstrings, and that was made clear this past [...]

Pokemon Journeys knows how to tug on all the right heartstrings, and that was made clear this past weekend. A brand-new episode went live for the series that fans have dreaded for weeks now. After getting into its post-hiatus groove, Pokemon Journeys showed up on TV this weekend with an episode all about Pikachu and Ash, but two scenes, in particular, have got fans feeling insanely soft.

The situation all began when Ash and Pikachu put each other at odds in a surprise move. Pokemon Journeys explored how jealous Pikachu has been feeling after Ash caught Riolu and began training the newcomer most intently. Of course, the boy has no idea why Pikachu is pouting, and that leads Ash to call his friend lazy in the worst of ways.

With Pikachu distressed by his upturned life, he runs away from Ash back to Pallet Town, and they meet up with Delia. The reunion between the three is sweet, but things get emotional really fast when Delia cuddles Pikachu in bed as the two prepare to sleep.

It is there Delia begins to sing to Pikachu, and the Pokemon nearly bursts into tears at the kind gift. Ash's mom sings a lovely lullaby to Pikachu that will warm your heart.

"Sleep tight / In Mommy's arms / Together with the new breeze," the lullaby goes.

It doesn't take long before Pikachu is passed out, and Ash reunites with his friend shortly afterward. The two makeup quickly, and they spend another night in Pallet Town in Ash's old bedroom. It is there the trainer serenades Pikachu as well, and Ash's soft voice conveys all his love for Pikachu. The quiet moment is sweet to the core, and it goes to show how tight the bond between Ash and Pikachu is even after it's been tested.

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