Pokemon Shares Fat Pikachu's Funniest Move Yet

Pokemon fans are living their best lives right now. Not only is Pokemon Sword and Shield working towards its first DLC release, but the anime is wilding out. The franchise's Twilight Wings anime is filling fans with all the feels while its regular series continues to explore the Galar region and others. Now thanks to a new episode, fans have learned a hilarious fact about Pikachu and his chonky form.

After all, the most recent episode of Pokemon did bring back Fat Pikachu. Ash was as stunned as everyone else when Pikachu unveiled his Gigantamax form while facing off against a massive Drednaw. The fight was a tense one, but Fat Pikachu made everything lighter... and his Iron Tail attack is the perfect example of why.

As you can see below, Pikachu sets up the Iron Tail attack perfectly even if he cannot move well. Fat Pikachu is certainly not used to his larger sizes as he waddles around, but he has just enough flexibility to grab his tail.

Rather than thwack his tail against the ground like usual, Pikachu has to hold it in his hands. A few hard-won steps later brings Pikachu close enough to his opponent to drop his tail, and fans can watch his Iron Tail rip Drednaw a new one.

"I still can’t believe one of fat pikachu’s attacks is him just straight up grabbing his tail with both hands and then throwing his entire chonk weight behind him to slam it into the ground," a fan known as TAHKO shared on Twitter.

This isn't the only move Fat Pikachu pulled out which has enamored fans. For one, the massive monster tried to use Quick Attack which would be better named Slow Attack. In fact, the Gigantamaxed form gave Pikachu a full move set makeover, and fans admit they are tickled over its unwieldy debut.


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Pokemon: The Series is now airing new episodes weekly in Japan, but unfortunately is still not officially licensed for an English language release as of this writing. There's also a brand new film on the way to Japan this Summer, Pokemon the Movie: Coco. Netflix will also begin streaming Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution shortly.

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