Pokemon Journeys Promo Teases Grookey's Anime Debut

Pokemon Journeys: The Series is teasing Grookey's anime debut with a new promo! Pokemon Journeys [...]

Pokemon Journeys: The Series is teasing Grookey's anime debut with a new promo! Pokemon Journeys is currently in the midst of a major hiatus for the holiday season, but the series is already looking forward to 2021 and the new episodes we'll see then. While the near 50 episodes have seen some major returns and debuts with Ash Ketchum and Goh exploring every region in the franchise to date with this newest series, it seems that the next year is going to have even bigger returns and new fan favorite debuts such as the final member of Galar's Starter trio.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series recently debuted a new promo for its starting slate of episodes when it returns in January 2021, and while it's full of juicy teases itself the biggest one is the confirmation that the Grass type Starter Pokemon Grookey will be making its way to the anime and completing the Starting trio for the Galar region in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can check out the new promo below as shared through the series' official Twitter account:

The account also shared a much closer look at Grookey's anime debut with the first clean image of the fan favorite:

It's not quite clear who's team Grookey will be joining when it comes to the anime, but it will most likely team up with Goh. While fans would love to see Ash add the Grookey to his team considering his current lack of major Galar Pokemon outside of Farfetch'd, Grookey joining Goh's team would give him all three Starters for the new region and that's pretty much par for the course as it's the way Ash used to do it in the series.

But what do you think? Excited to see Grookey finally make its way to Pokemon Journeys: The Series? Whose team do you think it will join? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!