Pokemon Journeys Promo Sets Up a Trip to Kalos

Pokemon Journeys has recently changed the series forever by having Ash Ketchum's friend Goh capture the legendary creature Suicune, and it seems like the two trainers won't have much time to rest as a preview for the anime sets up a trip to the Kalos region where a big new battle might be waiting for them. With Suicune now backing up Goh in his journeys, it will definitely be interesting to see how future Pokemon battles play out within the latest season, and whether or not this new powerhouse can help Ash and Goh defeat the trainer of the Galar Region.

One of the biggest new aspects of Journeys from the rest of the anime series is that the latest season allows Ash and his new pal Goh to travel the world, revisiting older regions as well as new-found landscapes that present new challenges to everyone's favorite Pokemon trainers. With this preview of an upcoming episode, it seems that Ash is revisiting the region of Kalos and might be battling against one of the Elite Four from the region in the form of Wikstrom. Though Wikstrom hasn't had that much of a presence in the anime, it looks like he's trying to rectify that by emerging during the latest season of the series!

Twitter User Anipoke Fandom shared this description of the fifty-sixth episode of Pokemon Journeys titled "Elite Four Ganpi! Chivalry Hall!" which promises the return of the Elite Four Kalos member known as Wikstrom who might just be in charge of whipping both Ash and Goh into fighting shape:

Wikstrom would normally rely on his Scizor, first hitting the franchise in the video game of Pokemon X And Y, being counted as a part of Kalos' Elite Four thanks in part to his work as a Steel-type trainer. Needless to say, it will definitely be interesting to see if Wikstrom takes on both Ash and Goh as his students and what they can learn from a member of the Elite Four!

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