Pokemon Cosplay Focuses On The Dynamic Duo of Jenny And Joy

The most popular police officer and nurse of the Kanto region remain Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, and while they don't appear nearly as often in the latest season of Pokemon, Pokemon Journeys, their presence throughout the franchise has definitely made them fan-favorite characters that exist outside of the world of the trainers themselves. Though they recently made an appearance during Ash Ketchum's adventures within the Alola Region in Pokemon Sun And Moon, it's unclear as to when they'll make another appearance in the anime series that has easily become one of the biggest in the world thanks to its pocket monsters.

Nurse Joy was definitely a character that Ash and his friends visited the most during their exploits in the Kanto Region, thanks in part to her specialty of healing Pokemon following some of their tougher forays. Of course, one of the funniest aspects of this pair was the fact that Brock, the Rock-Type trainer who became a traveling companion of Ash's, held a crush on both of them. With Brock stepping aside from Ash's side as Ketchum continued his journey to becoming one of the greatest trainers the world has ever seen, Brock's attempts at romance are a definite hilarious part of the series that is missed.

Instagram Cosplayer Pugoffka Sama shared this pair of costumed anime fans bringing to life Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, two denizens of the Kanto region that often would find themselves dragged into the adventures of Ash, Misty, and Brock in the earlier days of the anime series:

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Pokemon Journeys has recently focused on Ash coming into contact with a number of old friends and faces that he came to know over the course of his adventures, including his previous travel companion in Iris, who has become the champion of the Unova region and is attempting to become one of the best Dragon-Type trainers in the world at present. Having also reunited with the numerous Pokemon that he has collected over the years, we're crossing our fingers that Joy and Jenny will once again return to the series proper, with a cameo if nothing else.

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