Pokemon and Digimon Go Viral Thanks to This Seafaring Swap

Over the decades, Pokemon and Digimon have found themselves pitted in an ongoing war that still isn't ending. Thankfully, most of the bad blood is gone, and most netizens have come to embrace both franchises. That is the case for a well-known artist online, and they are showing love to all the monsters with a special crossover.

Twitter user RJ Palmer got the whole conversation going when they posted a bit of artwork online. It was there they shared their love for sea serpents, and honestly, how better can you hype the beasts than with anime? That is why Palmer crossed over Gyarados and Seadramon with some serious success.

As you can see above, Seadramon has become a Pokemon thanks to a bit of artistic license. The monster is known as Seadraken now, and its art style suits the Nintendo franchise perfectly. Its soft colors and expressive features make this beast look like a part of the Kanto region.

Of course, this means Gyarados had to undergo a transformation. The foreboding serpent still looks terrifying with this makeover, and his teeth are certainly prominent. If you did not know, Gyarados is fierce on the best of days, but this Digimon redo makes him even scarier. This is not the kind of monster you want to run into on a lake in the Sinnoh region, so we should let Gyadradramon live his best life in Digimon's universe. But if the franchises were to ever cross over, well - it is clear these serpents would have one crazy time swapping roles for a bit!


What do you make of this seaworthy swap? Which other Pokemon-Digimon pairs would suit this makeover? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.