Pokemon Journeys Synopses Preview Sobble's Evolution and Iris' Return

Pokemon Journeys is moving forward with more episodes in Japan, and fans are admittedly curious to see what's next for our heroes. With Ash set on climbing rank in Galar's league, fans are questioning what Goh is about to get up to these days. And thanks to some new synopses, fans know the boy's Sobble is ready to evolve and then some.

The whole thing came to light when Pokemon Journeys put out its latest set of synopses. It was there the fan-translator Dephender turned over the blurbs in English, and episode 62 is looking straight to Sobble.

As it turns out, Sobble is dead set on evolving into an Inteleon after meeting the fully evolved Pokemon on a trip. The starter begins training like crazy to bring himself closer to Inteleon's level, but things go awry when Sobble does manage to evolve. He finds himself stuck as a Drizzile, and Goh must help his Pokemon through the ordeal.

Episode 63 will follow a different adventure as Ash and Goh check out a popular TV competition in real life. The pair will see how the Pokemon Water Obstacle Course actually works, and Koharu will end up taking part in the event as well. However, she will not be around for episode 64 as Ash and Goh head to the Hoen region. It is there the group will run into a downtrodden Absol before episode 65 heats things up.


After all, the final Pokemon Journeys blurb in this set confirms Iris is returning to the anime. The Dragon Master will take on Ash's Dragonite in a one-on-one battle for the ages, and both trainers will be vying to reach a new rank of the Pokemon World Championships!

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