Pokemon Exec Fawns Over One Fans' Super-Tiny Trading Cards Collection

Pokemon hasn't just become a household name thanks in part to the anime series and the movies that [...]

Pokemon hasn't just become a household name thanks in part to the anime series and the movies that have been released from the profitable franchise, but also thanks in part to the card game that allows fans to battle their pocket monsters against one another in the real world and one fan has garnered the attention of a higher up within the company responsible for Ash Ketchum and his world! With the latest sesason of the anime, Pokemon Journeys, about to hit Netflix this week, what better time to dive back into the fan works inspired by the series?

The decades long anime franchise has reached the top of the charts when it comes to profitability, blowing away the competition thanks to the many different mediums and pieces of merchandise that the Pokemon series has spawned. With hundreds of different pocket monsters being released as apparel, action figures, and even zoom backgrounds, it's no surprise to see how successful the franchise has become over the years. With last year bringing us the first ever live action Pokemon movie in Detective Pikachu, it definitely doesn't seem as if the anime franchise is slowing down any time soon!

Junichi Masuda, the composer, director, and producer for Pokemon at the company of Game Freak, took notice of the tiny replicas of the Pokemon Cards that were created by Twitter User CaptDangerous64, amazed at just how close to the originals these are:

Pokemon, like so many other anime properties, has seen delays as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, along with card game tournaments within the franchise being canceled as a result of social distancing. With the anime slated to return, to say nothing of its arrival for North America on Netflix, Ash Ketchum and his new pal Go are certainly looking to make up lost time! Though Pokemon Card Tournament are most likely going to take a bit more time to get back to how things were running Pre COVID-19, it's great to see that the fans are still creating fan works for the popular tournament scene!

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