Pokemon Journeys Teases Ash's Next Galar Catches

Pokemon Journeys has yet to hit the United States, but the anime promises big things are on the way for Ash when he visits Galar next. After all, the boy has yet to catch any Galar Pokemon, but that will change shortly. When the anime returns from its hiatus, it plans to pit Ash against three Galarian Pokemon who might join his team.

The whole tease began when the latest issue of Coro Coro Comics went live. The magazine released new info about Pokemon Journeys, and it was there fans got a surprise promo. It turns out an upcoming episode or two will take Ash into the heart of the Galar region and introduce him to a few good catches.

According to the promo, those Pokemon are none other than Farfetch'd, Morpeko, and Sobble. Fans have known the latter was planning to debut in the anime, but the addition of Morpeko and Farfetch'd is a surprise. These pocket monsters are new to the rumor mill, but the promo below shows off their designs.

It looks like the promo's text teases the joint arrival of these three monsters to Pokemon Journeys. Farfetch'd is shown giving a death glare in one episode still while Morpeko appears to gnaw on something in their still. As for Sobble, the starter is looking pretty sad as their still shot shows them sobbing in the shadows.


At this point, there is no word on how these three Pokemon will come into the show or if they will star in a string of episodes. Fans certainly hope Ash's trip to Galar will be an extended one compared to his last visit, and nothing would capture the trainer's attention like the prospect of three new friends! Now, the question remains whether Goh will end up catching any of the Pokemon instead. The trainer has not been on a hot streak given the way he abandoned Raboot, so fans aren't sure they want the newbie to take responsibility for these Pokemon.

Do you think Ash will catch all three of these Pokemon? Or end up walking away with only one or two? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!