Pokemon Journeys Preview Teases Ash and Pikachu Rift

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has seen a much different take on Ash Ketchum than in previous iterations of the series as he now has his sights set on higher goals that just making his way through Galar's gym challenge, and although Pikachu has been at the forefront of many of these battles so far the preview for the next episode of the series teases a new rift between the two as Ash continues to chase new goals. Ash Ketchum has been stocking his team at a much faster and unexpected pace with this newest series, and that's starting to bug Pikachu a bit.

Ever since he hatched Riolu from an egg and the young fighter realized how much stronger it could get with Ash, the two of them have been training together pretty much all the time. This is the focus of the preview for Episode 30 of Pokemon Journeys: The Series as Pikachu's starting to get a bit jealous after seeing Ash spend so much time with Riolu. This means Pikachu's going to take matters into its own hands.

While it seems to start off with Pikachu being jealous, it seems the main focus of the episode will instead pair Pikachu together with Mr. Mime as the two of them get Pikachu training again. Perhaps it's to get noticed by Ash once more? You can check out the preview as shared through the Pokemon anime's official Twitter account:

This is confirmed by the synopsis for the episode, which describes it as such, "After winning an official Pokemon World Championship battle, the Emanation Pokemon Riolu is feeling like a million bucks. Ash is completely fixated on training it, which Pikachu looks somewhat discontented with. But when Ash continues paying absolutely no attention to it, Pikachu's patience gets pushed to its limits, and it ends up storming out of the [Cerise] Laboratories. Mr. Mime chases after it in an attempt at holding it back, but Pikachu is set on its way. And the road this duo heads down leads them to Pallet Town?!"

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