Pokemon Journeys Unveils Poster for New Arc

Pokemon Journeys has been as of late, and it seems the show is ready to go even further beyond. After a brief visit to Alola earlier this month, Ash and Goh are gearing up for a new round of adventures. As it turns out, one of these quests will put the boys back in Galar, and it will follow their take on the story events from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Of course, this means new artwork has been released for the anime, and all things are looking perfect. The arc, which is being called the Darkest Days arc, put out its first key art today. You can check out the vibrant piece below!

As you may have guessed, Ash and Goh are in the front of this poster with Pikachu and Sobble by their respective trainers. And from that point out, this poster is nothing but spoilers. Not only does it show off two evolved Pokemon for the trainers but hints at the monsters we will see soon enough.

First, Riolu is nowhere to be seen since the Pokemon evolved into a Lucario as shown behind Ash. The same can be said for Raboot as the bunny has transformed from its emo self to the confident hare known as Cinderace.

As for the rest of the poster, well - you can start counting all the newbies. Not only doe Mew and Metro but there are so many more. The Legendary dogs of Galar are shown a la Zamazenta and Zacian. They are joined by others like Suicine, Zapados, and more. This poster makes it clear that big things are coming in the next arc of Pokemon Journeys, and after this new 'Sword and Shield' story is done, a slew of Legendaries are ready to pay Ash a visit.


What do you think about this new poster? Does it have you excited for Pokemon Journeys and its new journey? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.