Pokemon Journeys Promo Teases Mewtwo's New Beef

Pokemon Journeys has recently taken both Ash and Goh through the Galar Region, bringing them into contact with the legendary Pokemon that helped make the Nintendo Switch Exclusive game what it is today, but it seems as if they won't get much time to rest as they'll be running directly into the path of the cloned Pokemon Mewtwo, who has a brand new beef to squash. With Ash and Goh travelling to Cello Island, it seems as if they believe they'd discover the ancient Pokemon, Mew, while there but clearly are going to have quite a different encounter wtih its clone in Mewtwo!

Mewtwo's origin originally had the cloned pocket monster thrashing against the likes of Team Rocket and humanity itself, blaming man kind for the neglect that it suffered in its creation, while also doing its best to save the other cloned Pokemon that Giovanni had created in a bid to rule the world. Following Mewtwo's battle with Team Rocket, and brief skirmish with Ash, the all powerful Pokemon realized that humanity wasn't entirely bad and refocused its efforts on saving the other clones. With this upcoming story arc, the promos have shown us that Ash and Goh will be battling Mewtwo directly, perhaps making an attempt at capturing the elusive Pokemon to add to their already insane collections.

Twitter User Anipoke Fandom shared the following description that shows the new scenario of Mewtwo appearing on Cello Island, that will see the cloned Pokemon having a beef with both Ash and Goh as he battles against some of their strongest partners in an upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys:

"Psychic energy though to belong to Mew has been confirmed at Cellos Island in the distant seas, so Ash and Goh head there to investigate, filled with excitemenet. The two make their way through the harsh environment on the island with help from their Pokemon in search of Mew. And at the end of their adventure, they encounter...now Mew, nut Mewtwo! A battle with Ash and Goh's "dreams" at stake now begins!"


WIth Pokemon Journeys focusing on Ash following his victory in the Alola League Tournament, could either of the two main trainers actually do the impossible and manage to capture Mewtwo?

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