Pokemon Journeys Flashback Reunites Fans with Bayleef

Sometimes, it's staggering to think about just how many adventures that Ash Ketchum and his roster of Pokemon have undergone over the course of over one thousand episodes, but Pokemon Journeys, the latest season of the anime, recently took the opportunity to travel into the past with a flashback that revisited the protagonist's Bayleef and a special battle from the past! Though Bayleef isn't currently a part of Ash's active roster, with Ketchum currently working to create his strongest library of pocket monsters to date, it definitely shows that the latest season remembers what came before it!

Ash captured his Bayleef, which was originally Chikorita, during the third season of Pokemon's anime, happening nearly one thousand episodes ago wherein Ketchum was still relatively young in his Pokemon trainer career. Pitting his powerful pocket monster against Chuck, the gym leader of Cianwood, Bayleef is able to take down not only Poliwrath, but Machoke as well. One of Ash's best strengths as a Pokemon trainer has been his love and respect for each of his creatures, with their relationship clearly helping the monsters to reach new heights when it comes to overall battling in the world of professional tournaments.

Twitter User AniPoke Fandom was able to capture the image from one of the latest episodes of Pokemon Journeys, displaying how Bayleef was able to ultimately take down Poliwrath, giving Ketchum a much needed win against the Cianwood Gym Leader in Chuck:

Currently, Ash is attempting to overcome his first major loss following his win during the Alola Region Tournament at the hands of Bea, a trainer within the Galar Region. With his ultimate goal of taking down Leon, current champion of the Galar Region, it seems as though Ash Ketchum is going to have to do a bit more training before both him, and his current pal Goh, are able to take on what might be their biggest challenge head on.


With each passing season and region, Ash will normally drop off his previous roster with Professor Oak, normally acquiring new Pokemon to fill his roster outside of his trusty Pikachu, which is what he has done on his current world tour. Though Bayleef hasn't had a big role to play in the latest season, this flashback was definitely a nice touch!

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