Pokemon Anime Cliffhanger Hypes Champion Dragon Battle

Pokemon Journeys is gearing up for its next major battle of the Masters Tournament, and the cliffhanger from the newest episode of the series is hyping up a major dragon battle between champions! After watching Ash Ketchum working his way through the World Coronation Series rankings in the series so far, the series has finally reached the climax of his journey as he now has to face off against some of his toughest challenges yet. He's now in a tournament with some of the other top trainers in the world, and that means some of the big regional champions are taking the center stage.

The latest episode of Pokemon Journeys airing in Japan rounded out the second battle of the Masters Tournament quarterfinals, and that means it's time for the third match to begin. It's a particularly notable one as the final moments of the latest episode see the Unova champion Iris taking on the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia. With their battle kicking off as the episode came to an end, one of these dragon champion trainers could end up facing off against Ash if the rest of the tournament plays out as fans would hope it does. 

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Episode 116 of Pokemon Journeys recently aired in Japan, and with it ended the match between Lance and Diantha. The winner of that battle will be facing off against Leon in the semifinals, so now it's time to figure out the rest of the bracket. The third match sees the seventh ranked Iris taking on the second ranked Cynthia, and the final moments of the episode reveal that their first choices are a Excadrill and Gastrodon respectively. This will be the first battle between these two particular champions, and will surely be an explosive one considering how big the battles have been for the Masters Tournament so far. 

The biggest draw of this battle, however, is that whoever wins here will be taking on either Ash or Steven Stone depending on how the final match of the quarterfinals shakes out. This could lead to a potential match between Ash and Cynthia, something fans have wanted to see for a long, long time, or it could lead to a rematch with Iris after Ash defeated her on the way up the ranks of the World Coronation Series in an earlier episode of the season. 

Who do you think will win the battle between Cynthia and Iris? Which Pokemon are you hoping to see these champions use in their battle? Who would you want to see battle Ash next? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!