Pokemon Journeys Shares Touching Season 1 Easter Egg

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has been a much different series than other seasons as it has not only been full of callbacks to older seasons and regions, but it's also showing how far Ash Ketchum and Pikachu have come on their journey. Despite how long the series has been running, many things stay the same as evident by one of the sneaky throwbacks to the very first season of the series snuck into the newest episode. Because no matter how "old" Ash gets, his room keeps the same decorations.

As spotted by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter, Episode 30 of Pokemon Journeys: The Series includes a giant Snorlax pillow that Ash had over 20 years ago in the very first season of the series. With Ash returning to Kanto for this latest iteration of the anime, there have been plenty of opportunities to revisit areas and characters Ash has interacted with in the past. This close attention to detail for the series is also why fans are so in love with its current form.

There are several other items that have stuck around from that first look at Ash's room way back when, and although there have been updates from Ash's journeys through the years, it's fun to see the same type of consistency as Ash Ketchum's continuously youthful look. Just like Ash won't age, it appears that his room decorations don't either. In fact, this current pillow looks even better!

Ash and Pikachu might not change for the most part, but we're still learning new things about the duo after all these years. The newest episode of the series sees the two have a brief fight, and after they are reunited, a tearjerking lullaby comes soon after that Ash reveals his mother sang to him as a child. This is something about Ash we have never seen before, and we'll most likely see even more as the series continues!


Did you catch this nod to Pokemon's very first episode? How have you liked Pokemon Journeys: The Series so far? Have you noticed all of the callbacks to older regions and seasons? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!