Pokemon Legends: Arceus Anime Welcomes Back Brock

Pokemon is set to unleash a new journey to Nintendo Switch owners via Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a trip to the past for players, and the anime is getting in on the action with a new special over the course of four episodes. While this special will see Ash and Goh facing some new challenges, it will also be bringing back some familiar faces, as one of Ketchum's earliest travel partners, Brock, has come back into the series and has changed greatly since the last time that we saw him on the small screen. 

When Brock first appeared in the opening episodes of Pokemon's anime, he was a gym leader for Pewter City in the Kanto region, acting as a major obstacle for Ash Ketchum in his earliest days as a Pokemon trainer. Brock went from foe to friend, following along Ash in his early adventures alongside the water trainer, Misty, and typically was more interested in hitting on women versus helping Ketchum in his training regiment. Eventually, Brock left to try to achieve his dreams of becoming a Pokemon doctor, which he has done with gusto according to the latest anime special.

Twitter User Anipoke Fandom was able to capture several screenshots from the latest Arceus special that once again brings Brock into the path of Ash Ketchum, as he is introduced to Goh and dragged along for a new adventure that he never would have been a part of if not for this reunion:

Pokemon Legends: Arceus doesn't have Ash as the protagonist of the Nintendo Switch game, but it is being touted as one of the greatest Pokemon games in recent years, incorporating some new gameplay elements that the franchise has never seen before. While Pokemon fans might be getting this new game later this week, it might be some time before North American fans get this four-episode special that brings back Brock and several other key characters from Ash Ketchum's past. Pokemon Journeys has done a fantastic job of reuniting Ash with several figures from his past, and we definitely wouldn't be surprised if it continues the streak well into its future.

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