New Pokemon Trailer Teases Lucario's Debut

This season of Pokemon has given Ash and his new travelling companion Go a number of strong pocket monsters as a part of their individual stables and it looks like they're going to need them as a recent trailer for the upcoming episode of the series teases at the debut of Lucario! The fighting type Pokemon is looking to pit its strength against Ash's Pikachu, or perhaps join his team, making its introduction to this new season of the popular anime franchise that has seen both Ketchum and Go travel the world in a victory lap following our eternally young protagonist after his win in the Alola Leagu Tournament!

Lucario is a fan favorite pocket monster, first appearing in the eighth movie of the series entitled Pokemon: Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew which not only acted as a spring board for this new creature to appear but also give us a return of the ancient Pokemon that was the "father" of Mewtwo! Since this debut, Lucario itself has appeared a number of times in the anime series, also hitting the video games proper as a part of the fourth generation on the Nintendo DS with Pokemon: Diamond, Pokemon: Pearl, and Pokemon: Platinum!

Twitter User AIR_News01 shared the "PV" for upcoming episodes of the current season of the Pokemon anime series, hinting at far more to come to Ash and Go's journey in becoming the world's best trainers:


A big part of this season hasn't just been Ash and Go travelling the world in their quest to become better trainers, but also introducing the region of Galar to the anime proper outside of the recent spin-off series of Pokemon: Twilight Wings. With the trailer featuring a combination of characters from Pokemon: Sword And Shield as well as placing a spotlight on more of the insane ability that is "Dynamaxing", it's clear that the region is still going to have a big role to play for our current two protagonists of the anime.

Are you excited for Lucario's return? What other pocket monsters do you want to see return this season that have yet to? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!

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