Pokemon's New Movie Contains a Clever Pokemon Snap Nod

Pokemon Coco is the most recent film to join the ever-growing franchise, and fans overseas are still biting at the chomp to watch. After all, this new film gives a unique take on Ash's introduction to Zarude and Celebi after all of these years. Of course, this is why fans are eating up social media takes regarding the movie, and the movie's home release overseas just outed a special Pokemon Snap nod.

Over on Twitter, the user DogasusBackpack pointed out the hidden Easter egg so many missed. As it turns out, Pokemon Coco makes a clever nod to New Pokemon Snap that no one noticed. After all, the game hadn't been made public at the time Pokemon Coco went live, so you cannot blame fans for missing a cameo from two familiar faces.

As you can see below, both Rita and Phil make an appearance in Pokemon Coco. At one point in the film, Ash and Pikachu bring their wild friend to the city, and the trio is left to talk quietly amongst themselves. If you look in the background here, you will find Rita and Phil geared up with their cameras. It seems the two trainers are hoping to capture a good photo... and we all overlooked the pair until now.

This special nod works in conjunction with one that TAHK0 found in New Pokemon Snap back in May. The Twitter user discovered that the concept art in the Professor's Hub seems to reference Pokemon Coco. Fans can clearly pick out some locations from the movie like a Pokemon Center, so it seems the teams behind these projects had some fun working in these well-hidden Easter eggs.


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