My Hero Academia Manga Shares Free Chapters During Pandemic

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic still affecting billions of people around the world, companies like Viz Media are trying to provide those in quarantine with easy access to cheap and free entertainment. Viz Publishes the English edition of the manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump in the United States. The magazine is the home fo the popular My Hero Academia manga series. Viz has announced that it is making a large portion of My Hero Academia available to read for free. Anyone interested in checking out Kohei Horikoshi's superhero series can read almost 50 chapters free of charge. The digital copies are available for a limited time through the Digital Shonen Jump Vault.

As announced on their official blog, Chapters 100-147 of My Hero Academia will now be available to read completely for FREE for non-subscribers. This will last until next Friday when a new series will be offered, so now there is a great way to check out the Provisional Hero License Exam and Shie Hassaikai arcs of the series in a new way!

If you have not read Kohei Horikoshi's original version of the My Hero Academia manga, then these chapters come right between where Izuku Midoriya is getting ready to learn a new ultimate move to take into the upcoming Hero License Exam in Season 3 of the anime all the way to when Midoriya and a few other heroes are breaking their way into the Shie Hassaikai base in Season 4.

It's a great chunk of chapters to look back on, and certainly present a strong argument for those who have yet to check out the original manga. With the fifth season of the anime still quite a ways away, this would be the perfect time to read the manga and fill in some of the gaps from the anime that are still lingering about. Like Shonen Jump suggests, it's a good way to keep yourself entertained!


Are you going to jump on this opportunity and check out My Hero Academia's manga? Are you going to be revisiting some of your favorite moments of the Overhaul and Hero License Exam arcs? What are your favorite moments from these arcs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!