Re:Zero Season 2 Imagines Rem's 'What If' Romance with Subaru

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World has all sorts of characters, and its heroines are some of the most lovable out there. Of course, this has sparked wars over which girl is the best girl, and the debate most often involves Rem. The premiere of season two got into the debate when Rem came under attack, but the scene also shared new info about what could have been between Subaru and Rem.

For those who have seen the first episode of Re:Zero. season two, the ordeal began after Rem found herself injured in battle. The girl was attacked by Sin Archbishops from the Witch's Cult. The two devoured Rem by the end of the battle, and the scene concluded with a series of images you might have missed.

In a blink-and-miss-it collage, the premiere pictured several moments from Re:Zero IF. The side story was created by Tappei Nagatsuki, the franchise's creator, who wanted to explore storylines that could not be done in the main series. These asides are often scenarios which might have happened if Subaru hadn't invoked his ability, and that is what happened here.

rezero season two what if
(Photo: White Fox)

The timeline shown in the scene follows Rem and Subaru after the pair agree to run away with one another. If Rem had ditched Lugnica long ago, this timeline with them together would have panned out. The quick shots show an older Rem with long hair sitting next to Subaru. The characters are clearly older here, and they have a young son who is likely in elementary school. They have a newborn in the family, so they are clearly living a good life with one another.

As you can imagine, fans of Rem are devastated the girl did not get the love she wanted. This timeline was closed off long ago, but Subaru is determined to show his love for Rem in other ways. A good way to start is by returning her to life, so Re:Zero fans can expect season two to focus on that mission for a while now.


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