Rick and Morty Season 6 Gives Pokemon a Dark Shout Out

Rick and Morty has officially reached the halfway point of the sixth season with the newest episode of the series, and it snuck in a sneaky yet brutal reference to Pokemon during the climactic final battle! The series has been experimenting with the world of anime more and more in recent seasons, and it's even lead to a full anime spin-off now in the works for the franchise. The sixth season is no different as there already have been a few anime references throughout, and it seems like there are going to be even more as the new season continues. 

Rick and Morty's sixth season episode "Final DeSmithation" sees Rick and Jerry on a new team up for the season, and while it already has a major shout out to anime with a full Sailor Moon transformation sequence for Jerry, there was another anime shout out inserted into the final battle. When Rick takes on soldiers who have powered themselves up with fortunes that give them experimental fates, he decides to "Pokemon this sh-t" and use compatible powers against one another in as just as brutal of a fashion as one would expect. 

(Photo: Adult Swim / The Pokemon Company)

When fighting the security soldiers in the Fortune 500 cookie company, each of the soldiers eats an "experimental" fortune that gives them random abilities. This ranged from everything from not being able to die, only getting head shots, sticking to walls, and one attacks him with the power to control fire. When Rick finds out that another soldier has been given the power to control water, he pits the two of them together much like a Fire Pokemon's weakness to water would instantly take it down. 

But it's revealed that by "controlling water" the soldier controls all of the water within a human body and sucks the fire power soldier's body completely of its liquids, drying it out instantly. It's something even Rick is surprised to see, and it turns a hilarious shout out to the world of Pokemon to an unexpectedly dark one. Then again, that's just par for the course of the series' anime references so far. 


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