Rick and Morty Calls Out Their Space Jam 2 Cameo

Rick and Morty famously made a big appearance during Space Jam: A New Legacy along with many of the famous Warner Bros. properties last year, and the series finally addressed this with a surprising comment in Season 6's newest episode! As Rick and Morty finally comes back for the final episodes of the sixth season, the first episode of this final run completely broke through the fourth wall and featured one of the most meta-commentary laced episodes in the entire season thus far. With this, Rick was not only able to make the off-handed comments he's made in the past, but was also able to addresses some things that went down outside of the series' usual orbit.  

Episode 7 of Rick and Morty Season 6 is titled "Full Meta Jackrick," and as the title suggests, it's an episode where the titular duo go beyond the boundaries of the fourth wall and started to comment on how stories in the series have been written to this point. In a special meta filled space outside of the boundaries of their usual universe, Rick is allowed to not only make his smaller comments like he usually does, but reach out and reference their notable movie cameo. 

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What Did Rick and Morty Say About Their Space Jam 2 Cameo?

When Rick and Morty first enter this meta filled space beyond the fourth wall in "Full Meta Jackrick," Rick starts to point out all of the usual writing tropes that go into telling the series' stories. But also uses this time to point out that the longer they keep going forward with this meta filled premise, the worst their "credibility" will get akin to their cameo in Space Jam: A New Legacy, "It's worse than you think, Morty. We're basting in meta radiation right now. Our credibility is being permanently eroded. Every second we spend here is the equivalent of ten Space Jam cameos."

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It's just one of the many asides in an episode where it seems like the Rick and Morty team is openly dissecting how they come up with new episodes of the series (and even battle a lack of motivation to do so), so it's hard to really pin down how they feel about this Space Jam cameo as a whole. But it's certainly a negative response to it, and falls in line with the way Rick and Morty has carried itself before. 

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