Rick and Morty Celebrates Vindicators Spin-Off Launch With New Promo

Rick and Morty might not be making its full return to Adult Swim with Season 6 later this year, but the franchise has launched a surprise comeback with a special new spin-off series highlighting the wild Vindicators superhero group! Back in the third season of the original animated series, fans were introduced to an Avengers like group that brought together various heroes from across space. They each had their own kinds of issues, and hated Rick and Morty with a passion. It's ultimately what led to their final fate. but this new spin-off shows us what we didn't get to see from them.

Vindicators 2 is a special Adult Swim digital short series being released on their official YouTube channel, and it highlights the mysterious "Vindicators 2" mission that Rick and Morty found out they missed out on during "Vindicators 3" episode. Not only do we get a look at some of the more "colorful" heroes that were parodied in the main series, but we get to see how it all broke down. Now Adult Swim has celebrated the launch with a new hype reel and you can check it out below to get an idea of what to expect from the series: 

The Vindicators 2 brings back the voice cast seen in the main series with Gillian Jacobs as Supernova, Christian Slater as Vance Maximus, Lance Reddick as Alan Rails, Maurice LaMarche as Crocubot, and Justin Roiland as Noob Noob. There are some new additions to the cast (previously hinted to be as part of the team during the main series) with Ally Maki as Lady Katana, Cyrina Fiallo as Calypso, and Christian Lanz as Diablo Verde. The episodes for The Vindicators 2 spin-off series break down as such: 

  1. Rick Can Handle It
  2. Pro-Nouns
  3. The Dance 
  4. Out of Gas
  5. First Love
  6. Mercy Kill
  7. Girls' Night
  8. Kintsugi
  9. Little Trains
  10. Heroes

As for the main series Rick and Morty Season 6 returns later this year, but you can find the first five seasons now streaming with HBO Max and Hulu. There is also a new anime version of the franchise in the works as well, but there has yet to be a release date set for it as of this writing. How do you like seeing more of The Vindicators after their debut in Rick and Morty? Would you want to see more of their adventures in the past? Which other characters would you want to see a spin-off from next? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!