Rick and Morty Debuts Hilarious Wendy's Promo

Rick and Morty fans finally got their wish of new episodes after the first half of Season 4 debuted last year, and along with it's big meta comeback episode the franchise also revealed a surprising tie-in commercial! Like the strange team up with Pringles during the Super Bowl, Rick and Morty has teamed up with Wendy's for a new tie-in promo. In a blend of promotion and its usual meta commentary, the promo sees the duo take on a personified version of Wendy's new breakfast menu. It brings the restaurant into the universe of the series in a fun way.

By playing into the series' universe, Rick and Morty allows itself to be available for promotional content like this but can still keep the spirit of the franchise in tact. The humor of the series is still strong with these promos because the franchise itself has become so fun and malleable.

Because the Rick and Morty universe doesn't take itself seriously, it allows for creators to experiment with the franchise in multiple ways. This has been seen through a number of special bumpers for Adult Swim, cool anime projects for Toonami fans, and special collaborations like this with Death Stranding and more.

As for the Wendy's Breakfast menu, the promo teases the newest additions to the menu such as the Breakfast Baconator, Frosty-ccino, and Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit -- which is described as a "bruiser." Shortly after this promo made its debut on Adult Swim, Rick and Morty made its official comeback with Season 4!

Season 4 Episode 6 was a real meta affair that was divisive among fans after its debut. It's already stirred up a ton of debate, but the one thing fans do agree on is its hilarity. Regardless of whether or not they were confused with the episode, it was still hilarious to the majority. It's going to inspire repeat viewings much like this Wendy's collaboration promo. But what do you think of this Wendy's promo? What promos or collaborations would you want to see next?


What did you think of Rick and Morty's big Season 4 comeback episode? How does it rank with the rest of Season 4 so far? How does it rank with the rest of the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!