Saint Seiya Live-Action Movie to Release First Look at SDCC

San Diego Comic-Con is on the horizon, and that means studios are lining up content announcements left and right. From Marvel to DC, some of the nerdiest brands will make themselves at home at the convention soon. And now, we have learned Saint Seiya will join the event with a first-look at its live-action movie.

The update comes from SDCC itself as the event released a blurb about its Saint Seiya panel not long ago. According to the description, Knights of the Zodiac will take the stage at SDCC on July 23rd with a "first look" at its live action film.

Currently, the panel will feature Madison Iseman and Diego Tinoco as they star in the live-action film. Producer Yoshi Ikezawa will also be present along with fight choreographer Andy Cheng as well as screenwriters Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken.

For those who didn't know about the live-action adaptation, Sony Pictures is distributing the Saint Seiya movie alongside Toei. The movie will star Mackenyu in its lead role alongside Iseman and Tinoco. The trio will be joined by Sean Bean, Famke Janssen, Nick Stahl, Mark Dacascos, and more. And if you want more information on the classic anime, well – you have come to the right place.

Saint Seiya – often known as Knights of the Zodiac globally – has a wild history. The series began as a manga under Masami Kurumada in 1986 and tells the tale of five mystical heroes who derive their powers from the stars. They are tasked with defending the reincarnated goddess Athena against other gods who would hurt her or Earth as a whole.

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Saint Seiya was hugely popular among its debut, and Toei Animation turned the series into an anime. The IP has gone on to spawn a long life with tons of manga spin-offs, TV series, and films. The franchise is particularly popular globally in areas like Latin America and Europe but failed to find a foothold in the United States. But if fans are lucky, this live-action venture could change all that!

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