Shonen Jump to Host Giveaway for Haikyuu, Demon Slayer, and More

Shonen Jump has long been the premiere spot for some of the most popular manga series, becoming [...]

Shonen Jump has long been the premiere spot for some of the most popular manga series, becoming such a household name that series such as Dragon Ball and One Piece are referred to as "Shonen series", and the long running publication is giving fans some amazing new art work as part of an eye popping giveaway! With manga series like Haikyu, Demon Slayer, and The Promised Neverland having recently concluded their stories, now is definitely the best time to give fans some original art work from the creators of these beloved franchises that took the world by storm!

The world of manga has certainly seen some of the bigger names in the medium come to an end recently, seeing the adventures of demon slayers, volleyball players, and escaping orphans from a terrifying world of monsters all tell their final tales. While none of these series have yet to release any information about sequels or new entries into their stories, they definitely have all left a mark upon fans that have followed their journeys in both the manga and anime formats. With this upcoming give away from Shonen Jump, this gives fans the opportunity to get some original art work from the creators of each manga series that has come to an end.

Twitter User WSJ_Manga shared the update about the giveaway from Shonen Jump, which will give 2000 fans original art work from the likes of Demon Slayer, Haikyuu!, and the Promised Neverland, giving a nice crescendo to the stories of these popular series:

Though the manga for Demon Slayer, Haikyuu!!, and The Promised Neverland have come to their ends, the anime for each are still playing catch up, with several seasons and feature length films set to be released for each. With Demon Slayer having it's first movie in the upcoming "Mugen Train" and The Promised Neverland being given a live action adaptation in the West, as well as an Amazon series that is currently being developed, these different franchises still have a lot of gas in the tank!

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