Spy x Family Episode Twelve is Now Online: Watch

Spy x Family is the hit of the spring anime season, with the story of the Forger Family currently being brought to life in its anime adaptation by Wit Studio and Cloverworks, with these two studios working on the likes of Attack on Titan and The Promised Neverland respectively. Now, the final episode of the first cours has arrived online, taking fans on a trip to the aquarium as Loid, Yor, and Anya continue to attempt to sell the world on the fact that they are your average family.      

As it stands, the second season of Spy x Family hasn't been confirmed at this time, with this news most likely set to arrive immediately following the finale of season one, as has been the case with other anime titans. Luckily for fans, the confirmation of season two seems to be a foregone conclusion as the anime series has become one of the most-watched television shows in Japan and has become a juggernaut around the world. With the manga still continuing to churn out stories for the Forger Family thanks to creator Tatsuya Endo, there should be plenty of material for the anime adaptation to adapt. 

The Official Twitter Account for Spy x Family shared the news that the twelfth episode of the anime series has arrived online, with the franchise sharing a first look at the Forgers as they travel to Penguin Park to have a fun day at the aquarium:

 Spy x Family's twelfth episode has arrived on Crunchyroll, and the streaming service has taken the opportunity to describe what the Forger Family is up to and how they are traveling to the aquarium in this latest adorable adventure: 

"Loid is burdened with one mission after another from WISE and comes home exhausted. He then hears neighbors gossiping that he's neglecting his family. Because he can't let anyone doubt them as a family for the sake of Operation Strix, he decides to take his family to the aquarium the next day they have off to show everyone that they get along. However, he is assigned another mission from WISE while he's there, and..."  

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