Spy x Family Cosplay Creates The Perfect Henderson

Spy x Family definitely earned its place as one of the biggest new anime adaptations to arrive last year, introducing countless viewers to the Forger Family. Thanks to a mission that was taken on by master spy Twilight, Loid Forger has assembled a unique faux family in world-class assassin Yor Forger, the young telepath Anya Forger, and the clairvoyant dog known as Bond. In attempting to gain access to Eden College as a part of Twilight's mission, the Forgers encounter headmaster Henderson, with one cosplay creating a perfect real-world doppelganger of the anime character.

Luckily for the Forger Clan, Henderson proved himself to be a major asset, seeing something in the family and rooting for Anya to gain acceptance into the prestigious academy. Unfortunately, not all members of the school board were thrilled with the idea of the young Forger potentially being admitted to Eden, but Henderson was able to convince them through some extreme persuasion. Anya's acceptance into the academy was instrumental in getting Loid closer to the target of his mission, as Twilight continues trying to keep two warring nations from delving into chaos thanks to the help of his newfound family.

Spy x Henderson

One Cosplayer was able to perfectly recreate the elderly schoolmaster of Eden College, who was instrumental in continuing the story of the Forgers as Spy x Family became one of the biggest new anime adaptations to arrive last year this side of the likes of Chainsaw Man, Blue Lock, and Lycoris Recoil to name a few:

Following the success of its first season, Spy x Family wasn't just confirmed to receive a second season during last year's Jump Festa, but will also be getting a feature-length film at some point in the future. The anime's first season was produced thanks to a partnership between Wit and CloverWorks, so it should be interesting to see if the same will ring true for the second season and the upcoming movie. Luckily, if you are missing the Forger Family, the manga from creator Tatsuya Endo has continued to release new chapters that continue the story long after the season one finale.

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