Spy x Family Holds Netflix Streak Despite Stranger Things Premiere

Stranger Things is back, and Netflix hasn't held back with the hit original series. After all, the supernatural horror put the service's original shows on the map back in the day. After all these years, audiences are hyped to see how season four wraps the series, but it seems Stranger Things wasn't enough to break Spy x Family from its ongoing Netflix streak.

Yes, that is right. Spy x Family is holding on to its top-tier title overseas. Stranger Things was unable to dethrone the hit anime over in Japan, and the market was just one of a few that didn't fall to the supernatural series.

As it turns out, Spy x Family retained its top spot on Netflix Japan though Stranger Things did land as one of its most-watched series. However, out of the 93 countries that Netflix tracks rankings for, Stranger Things took home the title by landing first in 83 of them. But for Japanese audiences, well – if they are going to watch a psychic kid get into trouble, they are going to find Anya Forger right now.

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Of course, Spy x Family fans are proud to see the anime holding up, and many are starting to make comparisons between Anya and Eleven. The two girls have some dark things in common as their psychic abilities were forced upon them, and they know the pain of living through human experimentation. However, while Eleven is forced to deal with Demogorgons, Anya fights her own battles as she secretly helps her undercover father broker peace amidst a Cold War.

Clearly, Anya and Eleven would have plenty to talk about if the girls ever got to meet. Fans are sure the pink-haired heroine would love Eggos, and Eleven doesn't seem the type to pass over peanuts when it comes to snacking. So if Netflix wants to go in on a Stranger Things crossover, netizens would be down for it.

What do you think of this latest triumph for Spy x Family? Do Anya and Eleven need to team up ASAP? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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